Jan 082014
 January 8, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Surveillance, U.S.

Fascinating bit of history. Michael Isikoff reports:

Forty-three years after the mysterious theft of up to 1,000 documents from an FBI office outside Philadelphia, three former political activists are publicly confessing to the brazen burglary, calling it an act of “resistance” that exposed “massive illegal surveillance and intimidation.”

“We did it … because somebody had to do it,” John Raines, 80, a retired professor of religion at Temple University, said  in an interview with NBC News.  “In this case, by breaking a law — entering, removing files — we exposed a crime that was going on. … When we are denied the information we need  to have to  act as citizens, then we have a right to do what we did.”

Read more on NBC.  See also the New York Times coverage and other major news outlets.

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