Oct 072014
 October 7, 2014  Posted by  Business, Featured News

Nate Hoffelder reports:

Adobe has just given us a graphic demonstration of how not to handle security and privacy issues.

A hacker acquaintance of mine has tipped me to a huge security and privacy violation on the part of Adobe. That anonymous acquaintance was examining Adobe’s DRm for educational purposes when they noticed that Digital Editions 4, the newest version of Adobe’s Epub app, seemed to be sending an awful lot of data to Adobe’s servers.

My source told me, and I can confirm, that Adobe is tracking users in the app and uploading the data to their servers. (Adobe was contacted in advance of publication, but declined to respond.)

Read more on The Digital Reader.

Update: The Register now reports that they have also confirmed the allegations, and that Adobe is “looking into the matter.” Because such slurping seems to violate Adobe’s representations to customers, I hope the FTC is “looking into the matter” too.

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