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 May 21, 2020  Posted by  U.S., Workplace

Joseph J. Lazzarotti of JacksonLewis provides some strategies or considerations for dealing with third-party providers and vendors to reduce or mitigate COVID-19 risks:

… Depending on how organizations decide to approach the risks posed by third-party service providers or vendors, below is a checklist of items an organization might want to cover with respect to each of those entities.

  • Modifying the delivery of products and/or services to minimize COVID19 risk.
  • Compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local COVID19 guidelines, including those specific to the organization which may not be applicable to the service provider or vendor, and including changes to those guidelines and best practices as the pandemic continues to evolve.
  • Allocating responsibility for COVID19-related issues, such as reporting, exposures, liabilities, etc. For example, organizations may want to confirm whether they or their service providers are responsible to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) in the organizations’ facilities.

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