Feb 252016
 February 25, 2016  Posted by  Featured News, Healthcare, U.S., Workplace

This proposal hasn’t gotten enough media attention, nor the opposition it deserves. Educate yourself and speak up, folks.

David Certner writes:

With election season in full force, much of the work inside Washington is flying under the radar. While Congress remains deeply divided, there continues to be action on the regulatory front.

One such development should be a real attention grabber: a proposed Obama administration rule that would allow an employer’s workplace wellness program to require you and your family to hand over your medical and genetic information, or face paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars more for your health insurance.


AARP believes it’s just plain wrong to penalize people’s privacy and civil rights to withhold their personal medical and genetic information. Personal privacy should not be the exclusive domain of workers with salaries high enough to afford large financial penalties.

The EEOC should immediately withdraw and reissue this proposed rule consistent with the current protections afforded under the ADA and GINA.

Read more on AARP.

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