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 December 1, 2016  Posted by  Featured News, Online, Surveillance

OK, this is a really effective demonstration about how much info sites can collect about you from your browser, and if it doesn’t freak you out a bit, well…. turn the sound on and stay there a while.

KavehWaddell reports on the site:

“Oh, you are truly my favorite subject!” exclaimed a soft voice in my ear. “Would you allow me to … see you, please?” My laptop’s webcam asked for permission to activate. Any other time, I’d have denied the request and closed my browser immediately, but I put my thumb over the lens and clicked “Allow.” I needed the points, after all.

Welcome to the strange, creepy world of (That’s a URL. Go ahead! Click!)

When you arrive, you’re asked to turn on the sound. That’s so a quiet man’s voice with a European lilt can encourage and taunt you as you click around. The setting: nothing but a big green button and a scrolling background of text cataloguing your achievements. Big achievements these are not. You’ll get points for clicking the button five times fast, or moving your cursor in a straight line, or making the browser window as big as possible.

Poke around for 30 seconds and the site seems silly. Stay a little longer and the absurdity starts to mean something. The site is showcase of the ways, big and small, your browser can be used to spy on you.

Read more on NextGov and then do explore the site.

Thanks to Joe Cadillic for making me aware of this!

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