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Richard Clayton writes:

Long time readers will recall that last year ICANN published the draft report of our study into the abuse of privacy and proxy services when registering domain names.

At WEIS 2014 I will present our academic paper summarising what we have found — and the summary (as the slides for the talk indicate) is very straightforward:

    • when criminals register domain names for use in online criminality they don’t provide their names and addresses;
    • we collected substantial data to show that this is generally true;
    • in doing so we found that the way in which contact details are hidden varies somewhat depending upon the criminal activity and this gives new insights;
    • meantime, people calling for changes to domain ‘privacy’ and ‘proxy’ services “because they are used by criminals” must understand:
      • the impact of such a policy change on other registrants
      • the limitations of such a policy change on criminals

Read more on Light Blue Touchpaper.

h/t @caparsons

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