Mar 292011
 March 29, 2011  Posted by  Business, Laws, Online

Jonathan Mayer writes:

Late last week FTC Commissioner Rosch penned a column in which he repeated a number of hackneyed criticisms of Do Not Track. Senators McCaskill and Pryor articulated similar concerns at a recent hearing. This piece sequentially deconstructs Rosch’s column and replies to each of his substantive critiques.

Read Jonathan’s counterpoint on CIS.  Here’s a snippet:


Consumers may also lose the free content they have taken for granted. Not only could consumers potentially lose access to free content on specific websites, I fear that the aggregate effect of widespread adoption by consumers of overly broad do-not-track mechanisms might be the reduction of free content, free applications and innovation across the entire internet economy.


On the contrary, there is substantial reason to believe Do Not Track is no threat to ad-supported businesses. This conclusion is bolstered by the news that thirty online advertising firms are willing to implement Do Not Track.

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