Jul 202013
 July 20, 2013  Posted by  Misc, Surveillance

From a Joe Cadillic parody on Massachusetts’ Registry of Motor Vehicles Spying Agency (RMVSA)

The RMVSA has a professionally-trained staff of dedicated public servants who could care less about your rights. Please remember that since 9/ll we’ve taken away more of your rights under the Patriot Act and given your pictures and drivers license information to the DHS, NSA,FBI and countless private corporations like ELSAGMVTRACDRN and Vigilant Soultions.

We’re happy to announce to MA. resident’s that E-Verify Biometric ID cards will soon be issued in lieu of state issued drivers licenses to better spy on citizens. The mandatory E-Verify system will require Americans to carry a “tamper-proof” social security card. The Records and Information from DMVs for E-Verify (RIDE) initiative automates motor vehicle document verification between Motor Vehicle Agencies (MVAs) and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

While this may piss off a few Constitutionalists you needn’t worry, trust us it will keep you safer.

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