Feb 212020
 February 21, 2020  Posted by  Breaches, Laws, U.S., Youth & Schools

It’s not often I read about someone being fired for a FERPA violation. Then I realized that the news source was a student-run publication. Good for them for covering this topic. Ujwal Srivastava reports:

A computer science teaching assistant (TA) was removed from the staff of CS 224N: “Natural Language Processing” after using its course enrollment list to recruit for a private company, a potential violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Students in CS 224N — which currently enrolls 531 students, according to ExploreCourses — became aware of the potential violation after receiving an email from an employee of a machine learning startup. The employee identified himself as a CS 224N TA and invited the students to apply because they were “currently enrolled in CS224N at Stanford.”

Read more on The Stanford Daily.

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