Jun 092019
 June 9, 2019  Posted by  Business, Laws, U.S.

Joshua Brustein reports on a California legislator who is fighting the influence of Big Tech when it comes to California’s new privacy law (CCPA)and its amendments:

One person attempting to stand in the way of the companies is Buffy Wicks, a freshman member of the California Assembly who sits on the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee. Wicks has opposed industry-backed legislation and introduced her own bill to make the CCPA more restrictive. Separately, she promoted new rules to govern Amazon.com Inc.’s relationship with companies that sell their products on its platform. “I think we can push the envelope here in California, regardless of what happens in D.C.,” she says. But Wicks’s experience has also served as a reminder of how formidable the industry can be as a political opponent.

Read more on Bloomberg.

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