Mar 222017
 March 22, 2017  Govt No Responses »

Joe Cadillic writes: Imagine driving down the road and being stopped by a Border Patrol agent for speeding. Imagine Border Patrol agents responding to domestic abuse calls at people’s homes. Imagine the Border Patrol responding to trespassing calls and detaining motorists with K-9’s.     You can stop imagining, because it’s happening in [Read More…]

Mar 212017
 March 21, 2017  Court, U.S., Youth & Schools No Responses »

A high school student and his parents sued the Boyertown Area School District Tuesday for intentionally violating his right to bodily privacy after he was exposed involuntarily to an undressed female student while he was changing in his school’s locker room. Attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom and the Independence Law [Read More…]