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Apr 022022
 April 2, 2022  Posted by  U.S., Youth & Schools

Maria Blough reports on how the Eau Claire Area School District is addressing parent concerns over its student privacy policy. Some parents are concerned that their children may not talk to them about issues such as gender identity and sexual orientation. If students confide in school personnel, privacy laws would [Read More…]

Mar 142022

Pl share! Letter to Congress in opposition to privacy invasive College Transparency Act that wd allow feds to track every college student thru life; letter signed by @parents4privacy @ACLU @Fairplay @EPICprivacy @ConsumerFed @Network4publiced & others — leonie haimson (@leoniehaimson) March 14, 2022 Direct link to larger view of [Read More…]

Nov 152021
 November 15, 2021  Posted by  Business, U.S., Youth & Schools
Growing Student Privacy Risks Prompt Parents, Teachers, and Students to Want to Take Active Role in School Technology Decisions

Today, the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) released a new report based on survey research conducted in Summer 2021 on parent, teacher, and student opinions about education technology (edtech) and student data. As recent research and news stories regarding invasive student activity monitoring software come to light, the report shows that an increasing number of [Read More…]