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 November 12, 2018  Posted by  Business, Youth & Schools

WOWT reports:

A Sarpy County mother fears for the safety of her two young children.

She’s searching for answers after her youngest daughter received disturbing voice messages on her electronic watch.

“We buy these for our kids to be safe and here they are potentially putting them in more danger,” concerned mother, Tifffany Berney, said.

The pink watch on the wrist of her 7-year-old is a location and contact device for emergencies.

Read more on WOWT. They show a picture of the watch but don’t seem to name the manufacturer or the app developer (unless I missed something in their report). It would have been helpful to name the company and app so that it can be investigated or tested more.

  3 Responses to “7-year-old receives disturbing messages on electronic watch”

  1. Its a GizmoPal2.


    Please keep us abreast if any of you run tests against this device.

    Kind regards,
    Threat Hunter

  2. I can’t do any testing myself, but I did reach out to AppThority with the info you provided and a link to the article. I asked them if they’ve ever looked into the device or app and if not, would they consider diving into it.

    If I hear anything, I will post something.

    Thank you for the info you provided.

  3. BBC is reporting that it’s a MiSafes Kid’s Watcher Plus:

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