Aug 222012
 August 22, 2012  Posted by  Business, Govt

Jay Cline writes:

The Federal Trade Commission’s $22.5 million settlement with Google last month over its user-tracking practices woke up enterprise-risk managers around the country. With penalty thresholds hitting this new range of pain, publicly traded companies now have to ask whether data privacy should be included in their Securities and Exchange Commission filings as a key risk.

What would it take, though, for the FTC to open up an investigation of your company? This is the question I tested last week. I reviewed the roughly 100 privacy cases the FTC has settled and interviewed the general counsel of a company that recently went through this process.

What did I find out? A shortlist of seven practices that will put a bull’s eye on your company.

See how many of the practices you can guess and then check your answers by reading the full article on Computerworld.

Thanks to Joe Cadillic who sent in this link.

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