Sep 202018
 September 20, 2018  Posted by  Online, Youth & Schools

Laura Ascione writes for eSchool News:

… We’ve compiled a list of apps adults might want to keep on their radar. These apps are representative of other apps that work the same, so it’s important to be aware of potentially harmful apps that might circulate through schools and groups of friends. And remember–apps can change their names or icons, and one harmful app can be replaced by another of the same genre. Vigilance and education are key.

So what are the apps that they have identified as potentially causing harm?

1. Snapchat
2. Yubo
3. Omegle
4. Vault
5. House Party
6. Sarahah
7. Tellonym

Tell the truth: have you even heard of all of them? Read the article to find out why Ascione identified these as potentially harmful. And then think about what else might be on your child’s phone or device that could be putting them at risk.

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