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Location:  Madrid

Throughout the three days of the 31ST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY there will be an appraisal of some of the issues that are currently being discussed not only by the guarantors of privacy and data protection but by society at large, given the relevance for citizens of the decisions that are taken in this field.

Thus one of the main issues that will be thoroughly analysed is the relentless development of information technology, especially the internet, an essential tool in present-day society which requires a great deal of reflection in light of the proliferation of new services, for instance social networks, due to their impact in terms of data protection and privacy.

Without disregarding the influence of new technologies, one of the core subjects at the conference will be the education of minors, a strategic challenge in the digital world we are evolving towards with every big stride we make.

Data protection as a strategy element in the scope of business and international data transfers in a globalised world are other core issues at the conference. New advertising models and new sales techniques will also be discussed, together with their incidence in the field of data protection.

The security – privacy binomial is another issue that will be thoroughly studied by the experts gathering in Madrid, especially in relation to systems causing an important degree of controversy, for instance the proliferation of video-surveillance devices, or those which use the human body as their support, for instance biometrics, the use of which is spreading to various everyday areas.

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