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Anna Merlan reports on what information Clearview sent her about herself when she made a request under California law for her records and to have them deleted:

I emailed [email protected] and requested information on any of my personal data that Clearview obtained, the method by which they obtained it, and how it was used. (You can read the guidelines they claim to follow under the CCPA here.) I also asked that all said data be deleted after it was given to me and opted out of Clearview’s data collection systems in the future. In response, 11 days later, Clearview emailed me back asking for “a clear photo” of myself and a government-issued ID.

“Clearview does not maintain any sort of information other than photos,” the company wrote. “To find your information, we cannot search by name or any method other than image. Additionally, we need to confirm your identity to guard against fraudulent access requests. Finally, we need your name to maintain a record of removal requests as required by law.”

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h/t, Joe Cadillic

Feb 292020
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David M. Perry writes:

When violence forces people to flee their homes and cross borders legally or illegally, seeking asylum or other forms of refuge in a peaceful place, they carry their traumas with them. That’s certainly true for many of the Central American immigrants who have tried to emigrate to the United States over recent years. Many of them have witnessed or experienced such horror as rape, torture and murder.

What’s more, many of them, including children and teens, have been forced to participate in acts of violence themselves before fleeing. And when they get to the US and are put in custody, thanks to a relatively new policy passed by Scott Lloyd, Trump’s former director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). As part of a 1997 court-ordered settlement establishing minimum detention standards for children, those children and teens are told they need to seek therapy; they are required to meet with counselors.
According to the explanation offered to Congress by Steven Wagner, then overseeing ORR, children are told that it is essential to be honest about themselves with their therapists. But under the Trump administration, according to recent reporting from The Washington Post, officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement take the therapists’ notes and use them as weapons against the teenage migrants.

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Feb 292020
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Sara Merken reports:

An Illinois federal district court dismissed a hospital employee’s claims that Becton, Dickinson and Co. allegedly collected and stored his fingerprint data in violation of a state biometric privacy law.

Plaintiff Corey Heard failed to state a claim against the medical device maker under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois said Monday.

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Feb 292020
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IANS reports:

A coalition comprising digital media giants Facebook, Google and Twitter (among others) have spoken out against the new regulations approved by the Pakistani government for social media, threatening to suspend services in the country if the rules were not revised, it was reported.

In a letter to Prime Minster Imran Khan earlier this month, the Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) called on his government to revise the new sets of rules and regulations for social media, The News International reported on Friday.

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