Dec 312019
 December 31, 2019  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

Joe Cadillic wraps up the year:

2019 will go down as the year facial recognition and corporate surveillance became commonplace.

I wrote approximately thirty-three different facial recognition stories last year and the majority of them dealt with facial recognition surveillance of the public.

From Walgreen’s, Nestle, and Coors using Iris-tracking cameras to Home Depot and Lowe’s using facial recognition cameras to secretly identify millions of customers, the number of ways corporations monitor the public is staggering.

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Dec 292019
 December 29, 2019  Posted by  Govt, Laws, Non-U.S., Online

From Hunton Andrews Kurth:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has signaled his intent to overhaul data privacy within Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau recently sent a Mandate Letter to Navdeep Bains, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, that contained a number of mandates with respect to data privacy. Specifically, the Mandate Letter states that Minister Bains is expected to work with the Minister of Justice, Attorney General of Canada and the Minister of Canadian Heritage to advance Canada’s Digital Charter and enhance powers for the Privacy Commissioner, in order to establish a new set of online rights, including:

  • data portability;
  • the ability to withdraw, remove and erase basic personal data from a platform;
  • the knowledge of how personal data is being used, including with a national advertising registry, and the ability to withdraw consent for the sharing or sale of data;

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Dec 262019
 December 26, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Workplace

Harrison Christian reports:

A childcare centre must pay a former employee $3000 in damages for breaching her privacy by giving her a bad job reference which saw her miss out on a job.

The Human Rights Review Tribunal ordered Katui Early Childhood Learning Centre in Northland to pay Dana Gin-Cowan $3000 for humiliation, loss of dignity and injury to feelings, according to a decision released last week.

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