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Aman Rawat reports:

Following a tussle between employees and employers regarding the linking of Aadhaar number with provident fund (PF) accounts, a group of technology and back end companies has turned to the government seeking help on the clarification of norms related to Aadhaar linking with PF accounts.

In March 2018, a data breach through Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) also came to light via a letter circulated on Twitter. The letter titled ‘Secret’, which was addressed to the CEO of Common Service Centre, claimed that hackers exploited vulnerabilities through a government’s online website built to link Aadhar with PF account to steal data. This data breach is expected to have discouraged the employees to provide Aadhaar details to EPFO.

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Oct 302019
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Venkat Balasubramani writes:

This lawsuit alleges that Alexa improperly stores the voiceprints of minor users. The trial court declines to order arbitration. (It’s the recommendation of a magistrate, so it will go to the district judge for adoption or modification of the order.)

There is no dispute that the parents accepted Amazon’s terms of use, which apparently contain disclosures regarding the collection of personal information, including the information of children. Amazon implemented a consent specifically for the collection of children’s information that the parents have to accept. The children did not themselves agree to the terms of use.

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Oct 302019
 October 30, 2019  Posted by  Business

Mae Anderson reports:

Apple is resuming the use of humans to review Siri commands and dictation with the latest iPhone software update.

In August, Apple suspended the practice and apologized for the way it used people, rather than just machines, to review the audio.

While common in the tech industry, the practice undermined Apple’s attempts to position itself as a trusted steward of privacy.

Read more on APNews.  I wonder how many people will read Apple’s notice about having a choice on this.  According to the AP,  you supposedly have a choice when installing the update iOS13.2:

Individuals can choose “Not Now” to decline audio storage and review. Users who enable this can turn it off later in the settings.

So I went and looked at my settings. I haven’t gotten that update yet, so when I do, I will look to see how that choice is presented.

Thanks to Joe Cadillic for sending this one in.

Oct 302019
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Catalin Cimpanu reports:

Facebook filed a lawsuit today in a US court against NSO Group, an Israeli company that sells spyware products. The social media giant claims that NSO Group has sold and had direct involvement in the deployment of a WhatsApp zero-day against more than 1,400 users.

The WhatsApp zero-day came to light in May this year. A Financial Times report claimed that NSO Group had developed an exploit that abused a feature in WhatsApp’s VoIP calling feature.

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