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 January 31, 2019  Posted by  Business, U.S., Youth & Schools

From EPIC.org:

EPIC joined a letter with fourteen other public interest groups to Mark Zuckerberg, calling on the Facebook CEO to shut down Facebook Messenger Kids, and cease all child-targeted business operations. This coalition effort, led by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, follows reportingthat Facebook made millions of dollars by intentionally duping kids into making accidental purchases while playing games. Last year, the groups called on the company to shut down Facebook Messenger Kids based on research linking adolescent social media use with depression, poor sleep habits, and unhealthy body image. Senators Markey (D-MA) and Blumenthal (D-CT) also wrote a letter to Zuckerberg requesting answers on children’s use of Facebook. EPIC, civil rights, and open market groups recently urged the FTC to act on numerous violations of the 2011 Consent Order.

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Lucy Stone reports:

A “very strange model” allows all Queensland Health clinicians to edit the medical data of all patients in public hospitals that have the integrated electronic medical record installed, a leading health law expert says.

Queensland University of Technology innovation law professor Matthew Rimmer said it appeared the $600 million electronic medical record project had a “whole host of issues”.

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Brad Kutner reports:

An internet privacy group went before the Fourth Circuit on Thursday trying to convince the three-judge panel that the government overstepped its authority by searching a man’s house for child pornography based on a single internet link he clicked.

“A single click on a URL should not be enough” for probable cause, Electronic Frontier Foundation staff attorney Stephanie Lacambra told the Richmond, Virginia-based appeals court.

The search of Nikolai Bosyk’s Virginia residence happened in December 2017 and he was charged with receipt of child pornography and possession of child pornography. He was sentenced last May to five years in prison.

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 January 31, 2019  Posted by  Healthcare

Peter Holley reports:

When his chemotherapy patients leave the hospital to continue treatment at home, Edward Greeno faces a new challenge.

He can no longer ensure they’re taking their medicine.

Greeno, the medical director of the Masonic Cancer Clinic at the University of Minnesota, has come to realize that some patients, like children hiding naughty behavior from a parent, will fudge the truth to avoid his disapproval, even when their health is at risk.

To combat patients’ fibbing and forgetfulness, Greeno has begun deploying a new tool in recent months: a pill embedded with a tiny, ingestible sensor. The sensor transmits data from inside the patient’s body to a wearable patch placed on their abdomen, which then connects to a mobile app that patients and doctors can access.

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