Apr 302015
 April 30, 2015  Posted by  Business, Online

Rachel Metz reports:

Secret, an app that lets users share anonymous confessions with others, is no more.

In a piece posted on Medium Wednesday, Secret cofounder David Byttow said that after less than a year and a half of availability, the app would be shuttered and money returned to investors; the reason, he said, is that Secret “does not represent the vision” he had when starting it. The app, which had been free to Android and iOS users, is no longer available through the app stores for either mobile platform.

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Apr 302015
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Natasha Bertrand reports:

Internet freedom advocate Jacob Appelbaum recently told Fusion that he believes everyone has the right to privacy.

“I don’t think any surveillance is legitimate,” he told reporter Kashmir Hill. “Everyone should have the right to privacy and know their emails won’t be read, even if they are horrible people, like cops in Ferguson.”

At the same time, however, the “American Wikileaks hacker” said that the Sony executives whose emails were recently released by Wikileaks didn’t deserve this right.

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Apr 292015
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Gah. I’d hoped the sale of customer data would stay off the table. But now Post Online Media reports that an upcoming auction for intellectual property assets will include the names and addresses of millions of Radio Shack customers.

After that, Radio Shack will enter court-supervised mediation. But in the meantime, they’re bundling customer info with other intellectual property for auction:

The electronics-chain is offering about 117 million customer records, with more than 66 million containing information related to shoppers’ physical addresses and 8 million associated with e-mails.

Read more on Post Online Media.

Personally, I think we should treat this as a data breach and enter it in DataLossDB.org and all breach compilations as a breach impacting 117 million records. But that’s just me…. ymmv.

Great thanks to Joe Cadillic for this link.


Apr 292015
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Sarah McKune writes:

“The right to science is sometimes considered a prerequisite for the realization of a number of other human rights.” – Farida Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on the field of cultural right

While much of the recent debate around digital rights has focused on rights to freedom of expression and privacy, the debate’s next phase requires an assessment of the impact that government efforts to compromise security technology have on economic, social, and cultural rights. The resurgence of anti-encryption, anti-anonymity rhetoric and policy calls for defenders of digital freedoms to engage in even broader thinking about digital rights in order to prevent a potentially disastrous compromise of individuals’ digital security.

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