Sep 302014
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Victor Skinner reports:

John Hopkins Medicine researchers will track the physical activities and daily diet of 50 overweight freshman from Lakewood High School as part of a pilot project using Fitbit – an electronic wristband that records activity and sleep patterns.

The effort, funded by a $100,000 grant from insurer Florida Blue, is focused more on teaching healthy habits than weight loss, and is expected to be one of the first studies involving adolescence and wearable heath-related technology, Reuters reports.

“We are fully aware that this may make some families uncomfortable,” Raquel Hernandez, lead researcher on the project, told the news service.

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Sep 302014
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H.O. Maycotte writes:

…. For Google, and for many Americans, this issue hits close to our constitutional home. And while Internet-savvy civilians are currently preoccupied with the net neutrality fight on the homefront, the right to be forgotten is about to become law in at least one state in 2015 – likely pointing to a country-wide rise in awareness over the coming months.

In fact, in a study conducted by Software Advice, 61% of Americans already believe that some version of the right to be forgotten is necessary. Take a look at that 61%, though, and it is clear that most Americans are torn on exactly what that version of law would look like.

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Sep 302014
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CairoScene reports:

A Frenchman is facing a trial for taking upskirt photos of shoppers at a packed Dubai mall.

Cops claim they found almost 300 sordid upskirt snaps  after arresting the 39-year-old company manager at Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates in May last year.

The seedy sex snooping first came to light when a 26-year-old Pakistani shopper reported the practice to police.

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Sep 302014
 September 30, 2014  Posted by  Govt

Jai Vijayan reports:

The US Department of Energy (DoE) is betting on a voluntary set of standards to guide privacy practices within the smart grid industry.

Earlier this month, the Department publicly released for comment a draft Voluntary Code of Conduct listing a set of privacy recommendations for smart grid owners, operators, and other third parties.

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