Aug 082014
 August 8, 2014  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance

Christopher Sherman of Forrester Research wrties:

Corporations spend a lot of time and money to ensure their employee- and customer-facing technologies are compliant with all local and regional data privacy laws. However, this task is made challenging by the patchwork of data privacy legislation around the world, with countries ranging from holding no restrictions on the use of personal data to countries with highly restrictive frameworks. Because information is a powerful business asset, modern businesses need to have the know-how to operate in this increasingly global economy. To address these challenges, Forrester developed a research and planning tool called the Data Privacy Heat Map (try the demo version here). Originally published in 2010, the tool leverages in-depth analyses of the privacy-related laws and cultures of 54 countries around the world, helping firms better strategize their own global privacy and data protection approaches.

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