Jun 302009
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Mozilla on Tuesday released a Web browser that it said is 10 times faster than its original browser. One year after releasing Firefox 3.0, the Mountain View, Calif.-based nonprofit released Firefox 3.5, which it said is two times faster than Firefox 3.0 and 10 times faster than Firefox 2.


Similar to Microsoft Relevant Products/Services’s Internet Explorer 8 browser, Firefox 3.5 allows users to browse the Internet in private mode. The feature was developed to let users protect their privacy while browsing online, and to give them greater control over their personal data Relevant Products/Services.

While using the Private Browsing feature, nothing viewed on the Web will be stored on the user’s computer. Another feature called Forget this Site allows users to remove every trace of a site from the Firefox 3.5 browser.

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Jun 302009
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In a second blow to big Pharma and data miners, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to grant an injunction blocking Vermont’s Prescription Data Mining Law from taking effect tomorrow, July 1. The decision, announced the same day that the Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to New Hampshire’s prescription data mining law (IMS Health, Inc. v. Ayotte), deals another blow to companies that would otherwise collect and sell physician prescribing information to pharmaceutical detailers.

Such state laws have been anathema to pharmaceutical interests, especially data-mining companies. IMS Health and Verispan, who were among the plaintiffs, had also challenged New Hampshire’s law on similar grounds — that the laws violated the commercial free speech rights of their companies.

The Second Circuit rejected the data miners’ arguments and refused to grant an injunction because the companies could not demonstrate a substantial likelihood of success on the merits of their case. Vermont Attorney General William H. Sorrell welcomed the ruling, saying:

“The district court found that the law protects public health and will help curb the rising costs of health care in Vermont. After nearly two years of litigation, Vermonters can now start reaping the benefits of this important law.”

Jun 302009
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China’s state-run news agency said late Tuesday that the government had postponed a requirement, set to take effect Wednesday, to equip all newly sold computers with software to filter out objectionable Internet content.

Beijing has faced fierce criticism at home and abroad after the requirement became public in early June. China’s own Internet community has attacked the move, and even some state-controlled publications have questioned its wisdom. American and European governments and businesses have almost unanimously protested the order, saying it would curb free speech and compromise the security of foreign companies’ computer operations inside China.

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Jun 302009
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There was another development in court concerning the lawsuit (pdf) filed by Arkansas couple Tina and Phillip Sherman against McDonald’s, Matthews Mangement, and the franchise’s manager, Aaron Brummley after nude pictures on a cellphone accidentally left in the Fayetteville McDonald’s were uploaded to the web.

Although the court wouldn’t dismiss the complaint (see Matthews Management’s motion to dismiss [pdf], McDonald’s motion to dismiss [pdf] and the Sherman’s response [pdf]), Washington County Circuit Judge Mary Ann Gunn has now granted McDonald’s motion to sue a franchise employee, Cody Hess. McDonald’s claims that he is the cause of any damages Phillip and Tina Sherman might have experienced.