Jun 192009
 June 19, 2009  Posted by  Business, Non-U.S.

You’ve no doubt heard of 118 800: the directory inquiries service for mobile phones prompted predictable howls of outrage when it was announced last week. The 15 million-strong database was gleaned from buying mailing lists, among other things. We’re going to stick our necks out here and say we’re not bothered. We met with 118 800’s marketing director Shona Forster, who outlined the extensive safeguards for our information, including the option to track where your data came from.

While we’re not happy about our details being out there, we’re not going to knock 118 800 over it. The fact is, our details are bought and sold by marketing shysters all the time. Forster reckons 118 800 is copping flak because it’s a visible target, unlike faceless marketing types. If anything, 118 800 is reclaiming our details by actually making the data work for us, the Great British consumer.

Read more on Cnet.

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