Feb 232013
 February 23, 2013  Posted by  Court, Laws

Happy 10th Birthday to FourthAmendment.com, a fantastic resource on cases involving the Fourth Amendment.  John Wesley Hall writes:

Today is the Tenth Anniversary of this blog. What follows are 13 “realities” of Fourth Amendment adjudication that I see from having read so many Fourth Amendment cases for so long. This is § 2.1 of the new edition, forthcoming in late December, with 90 footnotes which are omitted here.

Read more on FourthAmendment.com.  I found his last point simultaneously reassuring and unsettling:

 If you find you don’t completely understand the Fourth Amendment, you’re not alone because hardly anybody does any more. To me, much of the Fourth Amendment has turned into a Rorschach test that means different things to different people, all depending on how they want it to come out.  How did just 54 words generate untolled millions of words in cases, treatises, and law review articles? The U.S. Supreme Court alone has decided about 250 Fourth Amendment cases.

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