Aug 212017
 August 21, 2017  Govt, Non-U.S., Surveillance No Responses »

Kevin Maimann reports: Black Lives Matter’s Edmonton chapter is calling for a halt on police services sharing street-check information with outside agencies. The group filed a freedom of information request with the Edmonton Police Service seeking current and past EPS policy of information sharing of street checks, and whether that [Read More…]

Aug 202017
 August 20, 2017  Business No Responses »

So if you’ve thought that Joe Cadillic or I have been borderline paranoid when it comes to smart devices and what companies know about us and can do, consider this: This isn’t Orwellian. IT ISNT. — notdan ✸ (@notdan) August 19, 2017 On August 21, the solar eclipse will [Read More…]