Nov 222014

Natasha Singer reports: Admissions officers at Morehouse College in Atlanta were shocked several years ago when a number of high school seniors submitted applications using email addresses containing provocative language. Some of the addresses made sexual innuendos while others invoked gangster rap songs or drug use, said Darryl D. Isom, Morehouse’s director of admissions and recruitment. But last […]

Nov 202014

David Maly reports: Student Body President Kori Rady illegally leaked the personal information of roughly 140 UT students in a May 5 email, according to university interpretation of federal law. Rady sent the email to Phillip Wiseman, then chief justice of the Student Government Judicial Court, in an effort to respond to a student’s request […]

Nov 182014

See what shining the light on a problem can do? Natasha Singer reports: The maker of ClassDojo, a popular behavioral tracking app used in schools across the United States, announced revisions on Tuesday in the way it retains student information. Starting in January, the company intends to keep students’ behavioral records for only one school […]

Nov 172014

As long-time readers know, this blog has always taken the position that celebrities are still entitled to privacy.  And with that in mind, this site has often avoided posting news items about people whose private sex tapes or sensitive information has been uploaded to the Internet without their knowledge or consent. Not surprisingly, the recent exposure […]

Nov 132014

Denisa R. Superville reports: With rising concern over student privacy ushered in by the increasing use of technology in schools—from apps in the classrooms, cloud services for storage, and other digital products that collect students’ personal information—the National Association of Secondary School Principals released today a set of recommendations to help safeguard student privacy. The recommendations, […]

Nov 132014

What a difference a day lawsuit makes. Paris Burris reports: OU President David Boren has released a statement ordering OU parking ticket information be available to the public and the media in response to a lawsuit against the university led by Daily staff member Joey Stipek. Read more on The Oklahoma Daily. I had posted and tweeted about […]