Jul 282014

Venkat Balasumbramani writes: Plaintiffs alleged that Viacom created a record when a user views a video or plays a video game, by placing a cookie in the user’s browser which allows Viacom to glean a range of information regarding the user in question. The complaint alleges that Viacom shares this information with Google and also [...]

Jul 252014

Rob Nagle reports: A former professor for San Francisco State University is being accused of invasion of privacy over allegations that he secretly filmed students who were using the bathroom at his home. Mark Landis, 38, of San Francisco was arrested Wednesday and charged with 15 misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy, Assistant District Attorney [...]

Jul 242014

Benjamin Herold reports: A newly formed coalition of parent groups issued a call Wednesday for Congressional hearings into concerns regarding inappropriate uses of students’ sensitive educational information. The group, known as the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy, is also seeking improvements to the two major federal laws affecting student data privacy, as well as an overall [...]

Jul 222014

Maudlyne Ihejirika reports: A Chicago State University official is suing the University of Illinois at Chicago, accusing the school of violating federal education law by publicly discussing her dissertation and an accusation of plagiarism made by an adversary. The lawsuit, filed Monday by CSU Interim Provost and Senior Vice President Angela Henderson, claims UIC violated [...]

Jul 222014

Charley Locke reports: Last Monday, at a private roundtable hosted by data platform company Clever and digital safety nonprofit iKeepSafe, over 300 representatives from technology companies, nonprofit organizations, and four school districts across the nation came together to share perspectives on student data privacy. The roundtable afforded these individuals, all with a vested interest in the safe use [...]

Jul 202014

From EPIC: EPIC has obtained documents from the Department of Education detailing parent and student complaints about the misuse of educational records. The Department released the documents in response to an EPIC Freedom of Information Act request. The documents reveal that schools and districts have disclosed students’ personal records without consent, possibly in violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The documents also reveal that the Department failed to [...]