Oct 302014

April Newell writes: After serving as an orientation leader during this semester’s move-in, I thought I knew Emerson’s alcohol and drug policy inside and out. During training, we were drilled on the privacy rights of students and the details of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA. College students are legally entitled to [...]

Oct 282014

Jeffrey Stinson reports: Do you know where your student is? At school? On the bus? Paying for lunch in the cafeteria? Principals in thousands of the nation’s schools know the answer because radio frequency chips are embedded in students’ ID cards, or their schools are equipped with biometric scanners that can identify portions of a [...]

Oct 272014

Nate Cardozo and Jamie Lee Williams write: School districts across the country are grappling with how to deal with their students’ use of technology and social media. All too often, in an attempt to protect students, they end up implementing technology polices that give administrators too much power and go too far in restricting what [...]

Oct 272014

Vito Pilieci reports: Experts are expressing concern over a new computer application that collects and stores information about the in-class behaviour of students, some as young as six years old, as the app rolls out in schools around the world, including here in Ottawa. Called ClassDojo, the application allows teachers to assign points to students for positive behaviour, and to [...]

Oct 272014

An item from Capitol Resource Institute caught my eye: Las Vegas has long boasted of its commitment to confidentiality with its trademark phrase “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.” Now its Clark County public schools appear poised to stretch the definition of confidentiality to encompass whether a student is a boy or [...]

Oct 242014

Benjamin Herold reports: A coalition of prominent research universities is receiving federal support to redesign and scale up a massive repository for storing, sharing, and analyzing learning and behavioral data that students generate when using digital instructional tools, demonstrating the continued faith that many personalized-learning proponents have in the power of “big data” to transform [...]

Oct 222014

Over on PHIprivacy.net, I’ve posted links to some articles concerning ebola, HIPAA, and public health authorities. But Elizabeth Litten raises another aspect when students are involved: Recent news articles regarding a New Jersey elementary school’s handling of the enrollment of two new students from Rwanda provided another glimpse of Ebola hysteria and the opportunity for me to follow [...]