Oct 162014

In July, I summarized patterns I saw in documents obtained by EPIC from the Department of Education. The documents were the Family Policy Compliance Office (FPCO)’s responses to complaints by students and parents alleging FERPA violations. Since then, EPIC has received additional interim batches of responses to their freedom of information request. They write: EPIC has obtained new [...]

Oct 152014

AAP reports: Sydney University has come under fire for pressuring a student newspaper into pulling the identity of a male student named and shamed over a sexual misconduct claim. The article in Honi Soit headlined “Uni fails sexual harassment victim” examined the university’s response to a case where a naked photo of a female student [...]

Oct 142014

Chelsea Laskowski provides an update to a lawsuit noted previously on this blog: A judge has reserved decision in a lawsuit over whether a Grade 6 student’s privacy was violated when school staff read the texts on his cellphone. Court heard a teacher at Riverside Community School in Prince Albert took the 12-year-old’s phone when [...]

Oct 112014

Benjamin Herold reports: The National Science Foundation earlier this month awarded a $4.8 million grant to a coalition of prominent research universities aiming to build a massive repository for storing, sharing, and analyzing the information students generate when using digital learning tools. The project, dubbed “LearnSphere,” highlights the continued optimism that “big” educational data might be used [...]

Oct 102014

Chelsea Laskowski reports: Guardianship is the principal point of a lawsuit that brought up the issue of cellphone privacy, according to closing arguments made by the plaintiff’s lawyer. On Thursday, both sides closed their case in a lawsuit trial revolving around a March 2010 incident where a sixth grader’s cellphone was confiscated and his texts [...]

Oct 102014

It’s deja vu all over again. Timothy Geigner writes: I would imagine that if a teacher wanted to convince children that the internet — which is not especially dangerous for kids — actually is especially dangerous for kids, there must be a myriad of ways to go about it. One could, for instance, simply assign a Law & Order SVUmarathon [...]

Oct 092014

Lindsay Clein and John Gerding report: Police and school leaders in Fair Grove are investigating a possible invasion of privacy during band practice. A few students have been accused of using an electronic device to record girls changing clothes. Because this is a sensitive case involving minors, officials aren’t saying much. Authorities did, however, tell [...]