Jan 282015

Sara Guaglione writes: Last week, Google was noticeably absent from a list of 75 companies, including Apple and Microsoft, from a student privacy pledge endorsed by President Obama. But it seems Google experienced a change of heart and has now signed up. Google, along with a new batch of education-technology companies, has officially signed the pledge, according […]

Jan 242015

Elaine Edwards reports: Discussions are continuing between the Data Protection Commissioner and the Department of Education on a new primary school database which will hold a range of personal information about pupils, including information about ethnicity and religion, and students’ special needs. Primary school principals were asked to start populating the new Primary Online Database, which will […]

Jan 242015

Derek Quizon reports: The University of Virginia wants Congress to reform federal student privacy laws that officials say restrict schools’ ability to communicate with law enforcement about sexual assault cases involving students. Dr. Richard Shannon, executive vice president for health affairs at UVa, talked about the proposal at a meeting of a Board of Visitors committee. […]

Jan 222015

Courtney Morrison reports: Anonymity is considered one of the best benefits of the Internet. People are free to say what they want, how they want, at the click of a button. What happens though when people go too far? On November 7th 2014 student government, here at UMD [University of Michigan-Dearborn], passed a resolution calling […]

Jan 212015

Reuters reports: Google Inc and Viacom Inc won the dismissal of a nationwide privacy lawsuit accusing them of illegally tracking the Internet activity of boys and girls who visited Nickelodeon’s website, in order to send targeted advertising. The lawsuit claimed that Viacom secretly kept track of children under the age of 13 who streamed videos […]

Jan 192015

We’re supposed to teach our kids about privacy. In this case, a kid taught his dad about privacy. Elizabeth Faugl reports: A guy who was tired of his dad opening his mail without permission decided to teach him a lesson. He used the service Ship Your Enemies Glitter to give him the lesson in privacy. The […]