Aug 212014

 Rejecting claims by New York City government officials that taxi drivers have virtually no right of privacy while on the job, attorneys for The Rutherford Institute have asked a federal appeals court to declare unconstitutional the practice of requiring taxi cab drivers to attach GPS devices to their taxis in order to have their movements [...]

Aug 162014

Joshua Sudbury of FordHarrison writes: Accessing information about employees and applicants via their social media accounts just got a bit more complicated in Tennessee. This past legislative session, the Tennessee General Assembly passed the “Employee Online Privacy Act of 2014″ aimed at protecting employees and applicants from being forced by an employer to turn over [...]

Jul 032014

The Canadian Press reports: Alberta’s privacy commissioner has rebuked Education Minister Jeff Johnson for contacting thousands of teachers by collecting their personal emails. Privacy commissioner Jill Clayton’s office says that while Johnson was OK using the business emails of teachers, personal emails are out of bounds. Read more on Global Post.

Jun 282014

Jeff D. Gorman reports on another case involving use (or misuse) of social media in the workplace: An Idaho nurse who ranted on Facebook that he wanted to slap a patient is not entitled to unemployment benefits, the state’s highest court ruled. Joseph Talbot had been working as a nurse at Desert View Care Center [...]

Jun 282014

Eric Goldman writes: Jane Stewart, a company manager, posted the following on her Facebook page: Isn’t [it] amazing how Jimmy experienced a 5 way heart bypass just one month ago and is back to work, especially when you consider George Shoun’s shoulder injury kept him away from work for 11 months and now he is [...]

Jun 232014

Joseph Lazzarotti writes: Mr. Degel [of the TV show Restaurant Stakeout] is no doubt an exciting and informative host, but it was not his management advice (which may have been very good) that kept me watching. The level of monitoring employed by the show is indicative of the growing level of surveillance going on at [...]