Sep 202014

Trevor Brown reports: A series of bills endorsed by a legislative-led panel could make your Facebook, email and other personal Internet accounts more secure. The Task Force on Digital Information Privacy voted Thursday to recommend several bills that could be debated during the upcoming 2015 session if they are supported by another legislative committee. The [...]

Sep 182014

Elizabeth Warmerdam has an update on one of the yuckiest workplace privacy cases I’ve ever covered on this blog. Accused of checking the underwear of female employees for period blood, a cosmetics company cannot demand coverage from its insurer, a California Court of Appeals ruled. [...] Jon Davler tendered the action to its insurer, but [...]

Sep 092014

Sabrina Canfield reports: An HIV-positive homosexual who sued his employer for discrimination cannot do so anonymously because his HIV-positive, homosexual status provides him “no greater threat of retaliation” than a typical plaintiff alleging employment violations, a federal judge ruled. John Doe asked the court to keep his own name out of a lawsuit he filed against [...]

Aug 312014

Sarah Bowman reports: Three weeks after Beaufort County School District teachers traveled to West Africa, several school board members and parents question the way the district handled public information about Ebola concerns. [...] Board of Education member JoAnn Orischak said balancing public knowledge and employee privacy is difficult. “The district would never be able to tell you [...]

Aug 312014

Shawn Tuma writes: Can an Employee Really Can Steal Your Data and Then SLAPP You for It? Yes, in California it just happened! The fact that this happened in California should be of no comfort to Texas businesses, however, because the Texas Anti-SLAPP law comes from California and, therefore, California jurisprudence is considered persuasive authority [...]

Aug 272014

Scott McIntyre and Erika Spears write: The grocery business may be “fresh and easy,” but drafting a confidentiality and data protection policy that withstands the scrutiny of the current National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is not.  The NLRB, in its recent 2-1  Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market and United Food and Commercial Workers International Union decision, [...]