Nov 182014

Syma Chowdhry reports: Three school board members have been asked to resign after a school employee was charged with spying. At a press conference held Monday night, school board members said they will not resign. “Disconnect, lack of trust, paranoia.” That’s how the Northampton County DA describes the relationship between the Easton Area School District […]

Nov 112014

Michael Booth reports: The New Jersey Supreme Court is considering whether whistleblowers can be criminally prosecuted if they steal or copy confidential documents from their employers to bolster their lawsuits. A lawyer representing a former school board clerk, who is charged with stealing hundreds of board documents to further her discrimination suit, asked the court […]

Nov 112014

Jonathan T. Cain of Mintz Levin writes: A rule to require federal contactors handling personally identifiable information to train their employees in safeguarding the information is close to release. Under the anticipated rule, contractor employees will have to undergo either agency training when the agency chooses to make it available, or will have to provide […]

Nov 092014

The Denver Post Editorial Board writes: Good for the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition (CFIC), which went to bat for a parent seeking the names of teachers at his daughter’s school who called in sick in September to protest Jefferson County school board policies. At first,  according to the coalition, the district rejected Kyle Walpole’s open-records request […]

Nov 082014

Below are links to news developments or commentaries published during the two days that was unavailable. They are semi-organized by topic, with some overlap between sections. Great thanks to Joe Cadillic, who helped me keep track of what I needed to save while the site was suffering from Table Dysfunction Disorder: Businesses: Suspect in rape/abduction […]

Nov 052014

Erin Cornell Horton of Mintz Levin writes: In the wake of the NLRB’s aggressive crackdown on social media policies, many employers have asked: “Is there any limit to what employees can post on social media about their employers?”  It appears that there is.  Just last week, a former employee of the Richmond District Neighborhood Teen […]

Nov 042014

Chad Hatmaker writes: The Employee Online Privacy Act of 2014 will take effect Jan. 1, 2015, and it will apply to any person or entity that employs one or more employees. This includes state and local governments, as well as private businesses, and any agent, representative or designee of employers. The act prohibits employers from: Requesting […]