Nov 272014

Craig Timberg reports: It’s that time again. We’re on the move — feasting, sharing, shopping, giving thanks. And we are being tracked every step of the way. So here’s a quick guide to the state of the unblinking electronic eye, 2014 Holiday Edition. Flying home? Every passenger on every flight is recorded on digital manifests. Every plane is […]

Nov 242014

Aliya Sternstein reports: The Department of Homeland Security is poised to ditch all records from a controversial network monitoring system called Einstein that are at least three years old, but not for security reasons. DHS reasons the files — which include data about traffic to government websites, agency network intrusions and general vulnerabilities — have no research significance. But […]

Nov 222014

Peter Dujardin reports: A civil liberties group contends Virginia’s attorney general’s office is not following steps outlined in state law to provide insight into the gathering of telephone records by police departments and sheriff’s offices statewide. For at least 10 years, the attorney general’s office has been submitting required annual reports to the General Assembly […]

Nov 222014

Cory Bennett reports: A judge Friday unsealed a trove of court documents that could shed light on a secret cellphone tracking program used by police nationwide. The judge in Charlotte, N.C., acted after a petition from the Charlotte Observer to make the documents public. Included are 529 requests from local Charlotte-Mecklenburg police asking judges to approve the use of […]