Jul 282016

Joe Cadillic writes: According to a NYC. gov page, CityBridge was chosen in 2014 to offer free private Wi-Fi to NYC residents. CityBridge is a consortium of companies that includes Intersection, Qualcomm, and CIVIQ Smartscapes – to develop and operate the LinkNYC network. (the above pic. shows one of two surveillance cameras) These kiosks, called ‘Links,’ will provide the public with a fast, private [Read More…]

Jul 282016
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Debra Cassens Weiss writes: A federal judge in California has refused to suppress conversations recorded by the FBI without a warrant on secret devices outside courthouses in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. U.S. District Chief Judge Phyllis Hamilton of Oakland said the defendants had no reasonable expectation of privacy in [Read More…]

Jul 262016
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Joe Cadillic writes: Nearly 1,500 people were arrested earlier this year, because they were put on a police ‘Strategic Subject List‘ (SSL). The SSL was formerly called the ‘Heat List‘ which started in 2013. (SSL is just another term for Predictive Policing) According to CBS Chicago police are using an algorithm to predict who’ll commit a crime in the future! [Read More…]