Oct 222014

As media continues to expose the extent of warrantless surveillance by local police departments and the massive databases being compiled, politicians at the local level are beginning to sit up and ask questions. Fred Clasen-Kelly reports from North Carolina, following recent revelations concerning the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Dept: Three Charlotte City Council members said Monday they want [...]

Oct 212014

Mike Scarcella reports: Veteran appellate lawyer H. Thomas Byron III will defend the government’s bulk collection of phone records next month at argument in a Washington federal appeals court, according to court papers filed Monday. Byron has long argued in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, and other federal appellate courts, on [...]

Oct 202014

G.W. Schulz of the Center for Investigative Reporting reports: While revelations from Edward Snowden about the National Security Agency’s massive database of phone records have sparked a national debate about its constitutionality, another secretive database has gone largely unnoticed and without scrutiny. The database, which affects unknown numbers of people, contains phone records that at [...]

Oct 202014

Jon Campbell writes: Many a reporter has been stymied by the “Glomar response,” as it’s known, since 1975, when it was first established as a permissible answer to a federal Freedom of Information Act request. (The backstory, as recounted in this Radiolab segment, involves a sunken Russian nuclear submarine, a Cold War pissing contest, and a company called [...]

Oct 202014

Julian Hattem reports: FBI Director James Comey has launched a new “crypto war” by asking Congress to update a two-decade old law to make sure officials can access information from people’s cell phones and other communication devices. The call is expected to trigger a major Capitol Hill fight about whether or not tech companies need [...]