Jan 302015

Paul Farrell reports: Australia’s Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) has called for journalists to be exempt from government access to phone and web data, warning that the government’s data retention proposal risks making it impossible for a free press to function. The plan to retain web and phone data will mean that a range […]

Jan 292015

Neil Ford writes: The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights has released a report criticising of state surveillance and the collection of personal data by corporate interests. In its newly released mass surveillance report, the Committee says that the Assembly is “deeply worried about threats to internet security […]

Jan 282015

I missed this one a few days ago, but Joe Cadillic helpfully pointed me to it. Cory Bennett reported: Lawmakers’ enthusiasm for passing a cybersecurity bill will face a major hurdle this summer — National Security Agency (NSA) reform. By June 1, Congress must reauthorize the sections of the Patriot Act that are the basis for […]

Jan 282015

Haneen Dajani reports: The Appeals Court has ordered the immediate release of three government officials accused of breaching privacy by placing CCTV cameras in a women’s customer service centre in Al Ain. On Wednesday morning the Appeals Court, which was considering whether or not to refer the case to Al Ain Misdemeanor Court, decided that the defendants […]

Jan 282015

Mike Masnick writes: Rep. Jared Polis has a bit of a history of making hilarious, but incredibly on point, sarcastic and satirical suggestions in response to government officials saying something stupid. Last year, he asked the Treasury Department to ban dollar bills after Senator Joe Manchin asked the Treasury Department to ban Bitcoin. Polis, of course, took the […]