Oct 312015
 October 31, 2015  Misc No Responses »

Hannah Lepow writes: Yesterday California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris released guidance on how smartphone and tablet users can manage GPS and other location tracking functions on their mobile devices. The brief information sheet, designed for consumers, details how Android and iOS users can control different types of location information on [Read More…]

Oct 112015
 October 11, 2015  Misc Comments Off on Differential Privacy: Safely Sharing and Studying Sensitive Data

If you’ve been meaning to read bit on differential privacy, you might want to read this article from the National Science Foundation: … When planning a study, data scientists need to balance their desire to uncover new knowledge with the privacy of the people whom the data represent. […] Salil Vadhan, [Read More…]

Oct 102015
 October 10, 2015  Breaches, Misc Comments Off on Weev calls out US Attorneys allegedly shopping for prostitutes on taxpayer dime

On October 8, Andrew Auernheimer (“Weev”) made public a letter and a threat – or promise – depending on your perspective. The letter, archived on Cryptome.org, begins: Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 16:24:57 +0200 Subject: US Attorneys shopping for prostitutes on taxpayer dime. — Leaks incoming. From: Andrew Auernheimer <gluttony[a t]gmail.com> [Read More…]

Oct 072015
 October 7, 2015  Misc Comments Off on Biometrics Institute issues new privacy guidelines

Justin Lee reports: The Biometrics Institute has released its new privacy guidelines to its members to provide guidance on best-practice for biometrics and privacy. The non-profit organization first developed the guidelines back in November 2011 and regularly reviews the document to keep it relevant and up-to-date. […] The guidelines contain 16 principles [Read More…]