Jul 032014

CBS in Denver reports: A drone crashed into a Brighton man’s backyard and now the homeowner wants answers. George Ray said the drone had a GoPro camera mounted on it and was videotaping over his property located off Interstate 76 near 136th Ave. early this morning. Ray said he heard a strange sound outside his [...]

Jun 252014

Richard Clayton writes: Long time readers will recall that last year ICANN published the draft report of our study into the abuse of privacy and proxy services when registering domain names. At WEIS 2014 I will present our academic paper summarising what we have found — and the summary (as the slides for the talk indicate) is very straightforward: when criminals register domain names [...]

Jun 102014

A really thought-provoking post by Arvind Narayan on Freedom to Tinker begins: As a computer scientist who studies Privacy-Enhancing Technologies, I remember my surprise when I first learned that some groups of people view and use them very differently than I’m used to. In computer science, PETs are used for protecting anonymity or confidentiality, often via [...]

Jun 082014

The Internet Governance Project (IGP) writes: ICANN’s Expert Working Group (EWG) on Whois and privacy, which published its final report today, has unfortunately continued a long tradition of failing to find consensus between privacy advocates and business interests. The business interests see coerced publication of domain name registration data as an invaluable aid to brand protection and law enforcement, [...]

Jun 072014

Via Public Citizen: Chris Jay Hoofnagle and Jennifer M. Urban, both of Berkeley, have written Alan Westin’s Privacy Homo Economicus, 49 Wake Forest Law Review 261 (2014).  Here’s the abstract: Homo economicus reliably makes an appearance in regulatory debates concerning information privacy.  Under the still-dominant U.S. “notice and choice” approach to consumer information privacy, the rational [...]