Dec 122014

Eric Zeman reports: The state of Iowa wants to pave its own path to the mobile future — but it could find itself in a legal quagmire along the way. This week, Iowa’s head of transportation proposed that next year the state release a smartphone application that residents can use as their state-issued photo ID, […]

Dec 042014

Helen Lewis writes: … What happened with Sabu goes to the heart of an idea explored by Malcolm Gladwell in his influential New Yorker essay “Small Change”, which carried the provo­cative strapline “The revolution will not be tweeted”. Gladwell describes the sit-in protests in America of the 1960s. He notes that participation in the civil rights movement […]

Nov 252014

Daniel Solove and  Paul M. Schwartz write: We spend a lot of time staying up to date so we can update our casebooks and reference books, so we thought we would share with you some of the interesting news and resources we’re finding. We plan to post a series of posts like this one throughout the year. What […]

Nov 122014

Jeff Kosseff writes: When Republicans take over the Senate in January, new leaders will control key committees that oversee privacy and data security issues, and their priorities will differ significantly from those of their predecessors.  Privacy issues, however, generally tend not to break neatly along party lines and there will remain bipartisan support – and […]

Nov 082014

Below are links to news developments or commentaries published during the two days that was unavailable. They are semi-organized by topic, with some overlap between sections. Great thanks to Joe Cadillic, who helped me keep track of what I needed to save while the site was suffering from Table Dysfunction Disorder: Businesses: Suspect in rape/abduction […]