Sep 022014

Chris Hoofnagle writes: A revolution is afoot in privacy regulation. In an assortment of  white papers and  articles, business leaders—including Microsoft—and scholars argue that instead of regulating privacy through limiting the collection of data, we should focus on how the information is used. It’s called “use regulation,” and this seemingly obscure issue has tremendous implications [...]

Sep 022014

The Brattleboro Reformer posted this editorial that appeared in  The Kennebec Journal of Augusta (Maine) on Aug. 28: If the federal government can’t get states to sign on to the Real ID law, it has only itself to blame. All the darkest nightmares of privacy advocates who warned in the early 2000s of an Orwellian state in which [...]

Aug 302014

Nick Morrison reports: One of the founders of an after-school club that paved the way for the introduction of coding to the national curriculum has quit in a row over student privacy. Code Club was set up in 2012 to teach programming skills to primary pupils and its volunteers now work in more than 2,000 [...]

Aug 182014

Ryan Calo writes: In a recent op-ed, author Evgeny Morozov claims that we tend to think of privacy in terms of control over personal information rather than power or influence. “The privacy debate, incapacitated by misplaced pragmatism, defines privacy as individual control over information flows,” writes Morozov. Instead we should be thinking of how and why powerful [...]

Aug 042014

Chris Hoofnagle writes: Privacy surveys find that individuals care about privacy, but any observer of social networks can find a great deal of profligate, ill-advised information sharing. This is the so called privacy paradox, the idea that “People’s concerns toward privacy are unrelated to the privacy behaviors. Even though users have substantial concerns with regard to [...]

Jul 312014

Ed Felten writes: Yesterday the Tor Project issued an advisory describing a large-scale identification attack on Tor hidden services. The attack started on January 30 and ended when Tor ejected the attackers on July 4. It appears that this attack was the subject of a Black Hat talk that was canceled abruptly. These attacks raise serious questions about research [...]