Mar 272014

Two EPFL researchers have developed an intelligent application that, once past the beginning machine learning stage, decides for the user what information to transmit or not, and at what level of detail. A large-scale Android OS trial is scheduled for late summer 2014 to provide real data to validate the approach and refine the tool. [...]

Mar 202014

John Podesta, Counselor to the President, writes on the White House blog: In January, President Obama charged me with leading a review of big data and privacy that considers how these technologies are affecting Americans’ lives and workplaces, shaping citizens’ relationship with the government and changing the way companies do business. Since then, we have heard from [...]

Mar 182014

Eugene Volokh writes: A recent Newsweek story identified one Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, a 64-year-old engineer living in Southern California, as the Satoshi Nakamoto who is said to have created Bitcoin. Dorian Nakamoto denies it, and there’s talk of a possible lawsuit. But wait — how can Dorian Nakamoto sue, if the story didn’t damage his reputation, but instead [...]

Mar 112014

Deven Desai writes: Privacy law does not exist, but it should be taught at every law school. There is no one law of privacy. That is why I love teaching Information Privacy (Solove and Schwartz (Aspen) is the text I use). The class requires students to reengage with and apply torts, Constitutional law (First and [...]

Mar 062014

An article on Newsweek by Leah McGrath Goodman is getting a lot of negative feedback. In her piece on the creator of Bitcoin, Goodman repeatedly acknowledges Satoshi Nakamoto’s desire for – and efforts to protect his – personal privacy, yet the piece provides a lot of personal details on him, including a picture of his home [...]

Mar 062014

Phil Lee writes: As an EU privacy professional working in the US, one of the things that regularly fascinates me is each continent’s misperception of the other’s privacy rules.  Far too often have I heard EU privacy professionals (who really should know better) mutter something like “The US doesn’t have a privacy law” in conversation; [...]

Feb 272014

Kurtis Alexander reports: When a tech consultant showed off her Google Glass the other night at the Haight Street bar Molotov’s, the result was explosive – and reflected a growing debate over whether the cutting-edge device that mounts a computer and camera on a wearer’s face goes too far and breaks the social compact. Read more [...]