May 222015
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Babak Siavoshy writes: Who bears the costs of privacy breaches? It’s challenging enough to articulate the nature of privacy harms, let alone determine how the resulting costs should be allocated. Yet the question of “who pays” is an important, unavoidable, and in my view undertheorized one. The current default seems to be something akin to caveat emptor: consumers of [Read More…]

May 212015
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Orin Kerr writes: Ben Wittes and Jodie Liu have posted an interesting new paper, The Privacy Paradox: The Privacy Benefits of Privacy Threats, that discusses how new technologies that many think of as threatening privacy are also at the same time a boon to privacy. An excerpt: In thinking about big [Read More…]

May 142015
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Wired has an interview with Lorrie Faith Cranor that begins: What does privacy mean to you? I view privacy as very much something about control over personal information. That lens of control makes sense to me, and we each have different views on what we want to keep private and [Read More…]