Sep 152014

April Glaser writes that Comcast has responded to allegations previously noted on this blog: This morning Comcast issued a statement denying that the ISP is blocking Tor and denying that there is any record of exchanges between Comcast and Tor users. The Vice President went as far as to say that he also uses Tor at times, [...]

Sep 152014

Jed Bracy writes about the issues raised by a planned exhibit by XVALA of nude celebrity pictures. ….  Celebgate, as it’s known on the Internet, has garnered much attention, and rightfully so. Reddit and 4chan have been criticized for allowing public forums that share the stolen property. They eventually caved to pressure and took down [...]

Sep 152014

Update: Comcast has responded to the allegations. See also this post by EFF. Original story: Nathan Wold writes: If you needed another reason to hate Comcast, the most hated company in America, they’ve just given it to you: they’ve declared war on Tor Browser. Reports have surfaced (Via /r/darknetmarkets and another one submitted to us) [...]

Sep 112014

Nikolaj Nielsen reports: Privacy campaigners are urging Google to respect a European court ruling on the “right to be forgotten” as the Internet giant tours European capitals to debate the issue. Google has recieved 120,000 requests to remove names from its search engine (Photo: Carlos Luna) Google chief Eric Schmidt in Italy on Wednesday (10 [...]

Sep 062014

Isabella Gutierrez writes: How exposed are you online? Now that having multiple social media accounts is commonplace and with privacy settings constantly changing, it’s not easy to keep tabs on who can see your personal information. That’s where the app AVGPrivacyFix comes in. This app tells users how their personal information is exposed on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin [...]

Sep 052014

Marcus Moretti and Michael Naughton report: … We work with data and research digital rights issues, and we were curious whether most popular websites respect your privacy as much as they claim to. So we gathered up and analyzed the 145,641 words that make up the privacy policies of the 50 most popular American websites. [...]