Apr 022014

Eugene Volokh writes: Grand jury subpoenas — as well as some other subpoenas — are sometimes accompanied with gag orders, barring the recipient (the person or entity who must turn over documents) from revealing the existence of the subpoena. Some courts, though, are scrutinizing such speech restrictions, and especially the procedures used for imposing such [...]

Mar 312014

Although privacy groups had opposed it, the proposed settlement in a class action suit against Google for leaking personal information in referrer headers as received the court’s preliminary approval.. The preliminary approval addresses one of the main objections to the settlement: that it doesn’t require Google to stop the practice, but only to notify users [...]

Mar 272014

Glyn Moody writes: More and more of our activities take place in the digital rather than analog realm. But what exactly is the legal status of that digital stuff as it flows around the Internet, or sits inside databases? A recent judgment in the UK provides important guidance: Information stored electronically does not constitute property which [...]