Aug 192014

Allison Grande reports: AOL Inc. disclosed on Friday that it doesn’t respond to signals sent by major Web browsers that indicate that online users don’t want their activities to be tracked across websites, although it said it may be willing to reconsider its position if the industry can agree on a uniform do-not-track standard. As [...]

Aug 182014

Kelly Gorrigan reports: Parents and students weighed in Thursday on a recent decision by Glendale school officials to continue monitoring students’ public social media posts this school year.Throughout last school year, the Hermosa Beach-based company Geo Listening sent Glendale Unified emails whenever students’ posts were related to bullying, suicide, vandalism or drug use, among other [...]

Aug 162014

Joshua Sudbury of FordHarrison writes: Accessing information about employees and applicants via their social media accounts just got a bit more complicated in Tennessee. This past legislative session, the Tennessee General Assembly passed the “Employee Online Privacy Act of 2014″ aimed at protecting employees and applicants from being forced by an employer to turn over [...]

Aug 122014

Archana Venkatraman reports: The vast majority of cloud providers are not yet prepared to meet the requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation that will come into effect next year to replace the EU Data Protection Directive adopted in 1995, research has revealed. Only one out of 100 cloud service providers are ready [...]