Oct 222014

Canoe reports: In light of doubts over certain claims, the crowdfunding platform has frozen the campaign for Anonabox, a small internet router designed to deliver online anonymity by encrypting data over the Tor network. The project had already brought in close to $600,000 in just a few days on the site. As funds poured in, [...]

Oct 202014

Daniel Tay reports: For better or for worse, Korea is one of the world’s most connected nations, with about 85 percent of their population on the internet as of last year. Local KakaoTalk users – who make up three-quarters of the almost 50 million monthly active users – recently found out the downside when the government announced a crackdown on [...]

Oct 162014

Darren Pauli reports: The developer of Tor privacy router Anonabox, August Gemar, has defended the product — which has so far attracted $600,000 in crowd funding — following allegations it was little more than a commercial off-the-shelf circuit board. Gemar asked for $7500 via Kickstarter to build the open source router box commercially. Accusations surfaced on Wednesday – from [...]

Oct 162014

Paul Farrell and Daniel Hurst report: Australia’s national security laws permitting hacking by intelligence agencies and retention of personal web and phone data are breaking new ground around the world and raise significant privacy concerns, privacy groups have warned. Carly Nyst, legal director of Privacy International told Guardian Australia that the standards being set by [...]

Oct 142014

Cassandra Khaw reports: On the internet, everyone is susceptible to invasions of privacy. But, a group of developers is hoping to change this by kickstarting a one-stop solution for anyone looking to peruse the internet without having their personal information harvested. Anonabox hinges on open source software known as Tor, which encrypts user activities on the [...]