Mar 222015
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I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but Mario Trujillo reports: Nearly nine in 10 U.S. voters want “the right to be forgotten” on the Internet, according to a new poll. Eighty-eight percent support a U.S. law that would let them petition companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing to remove certain personal [Read More…]

Mar 192015

AP reports: The New Jersey Education Department says it will do a review to make sure that students’ privacy is not compromised by a standardized testing firm that is monitoring social media for security breaches. Education Department lawyer Patricia Morgan made the announcement Thursday during a legislative hearing to review [Read More…]

Mar 182015

Glyn Moody writes: Techdirt has been charting for a while France’s descent from a bastion of enlightenment values to a country that seems willing to give up any freedom in the illusory hope of gaining some security. According to a story in Le Figaro, even worse is to come in the shape of a new law [Read More…]