Mar 042015
 March 4, 2015  Laws, Online, U.S. No Responses »

Tim Cushing reports: A few Florida legislators are looking to do some serious damage to both free speech and the internet. This week, the Florida state legislature is considering a bill that would make it illegal to run any website or service anonymously, if the site fits a vague category of “disseminat[ing]” “commercial” [Read More…]

Mar 032015

Leon Spencer reports: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis have said that the government will support all of the recommendations made by the Parliamentary Joint Committee looking into its proposed mandatory data-retention legislation, which was introduced into parliament by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull in October last year. In a [Read More…]

Feb 282015
 February 28, 2015  Breaches, Govt, Online No Responses »

Adam Steinbaugh, who has been all over this case from the get-go, writes: Last month, the FTC announced it intends to enter into a consent agreement with Craig Brittain, the operator of revenge porn site “Is Anybody Down?”  Brittain pretended to be a woman on Craigslist to deceive women into sending him nude photos, mocked their pleas to remove [Read More…]