Apr 152014

From the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, a follow-up on a concerning situation previously noted on this blog: Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian has released the findings of her Special Investigation into sensitive information about attempted suicides by Ontarians being shared with U.S. border officials.  The Report, “Crossing the Line: The [...]

Apr 102014

DutchNews.nl reports: Government plans to store footage of car number plates for up to four weeks to help solve ‘serious crimes’ may conflict with European privacy law, legal experts say in Thursday’s Trouw. On Tuesday, the European court of justice said government schemes to store private individual’s phone and internet data is illegal because of [...]

Apr 082014

Candice So reports: Businesses and organizations will be formally required to tell individual customers and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada if they’ve suffered a data breach – or pay up to $100,000 in fines for every individual not told, according to the new Digital Privacy Act, or Bill S-4, tabled in the Senate today. Read more on [...]

Apr 082014

The Association of Parents of Children in Church Schools (APCCS) expressed concern about the use and protection of personal data of students and their relatives. The APCCS is seriously concerned about the contents of Legal Notice 76 of 2014. LN 76/2014 gives the Minister responsible for Education and Employment the right to obtain personal information [...]

Apr 082014

This is huge. AFP reports: Europe’s top court on Tuesday struck down an EU law forcing telecoms operators to store private phone and email data for up to two years, judging it too invasive, despite its usefulness in combating terrorism. By allowing EU governments to access the data, “the directive interferes in a particularly serious [...]