Dec 222014

Press release: In response to growing concerns about online privacy and data protection, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller today announced a legislative proposal to provide greater safeguards of Hoosiers’ personal and financial information online. Zoeller’s proposal has three main components aimed at providing stricter requirements for the safe storage of sensitive data, reducing harm to […]

Dec 222014

The staff of the Federal Trade Commission sent a letter to a China-based developer of mobile applications directed to children, warning that the company may be in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Rule. In the letter, the FTC notes that it appears the child-directed applications marketed by the company, BabyBus, appear to collect […]

Dec 192014

From Beginning in 2015, many federal facilities will require a “Real ID” for entry where identification is required. Several states have opted out of the Real ID Act, a federal mandate to modify the design of state drivers licenses, raising questions about the ability of people in those states to access federal buildings and board commercial aircraft. EPIC, supported […]

Dec 172014

Ewa Kacperek and Jakub Baczuk write: On 7 November 2014 the Polish Parliament passed the Act on the Facilitation of Business Activity which substantially amends the existing Act on Personal Data Protection. As we previously reported, this new Act requires an administrator for information security to be given an independent position within the data controller’s organization. Additionally, […]

Dec 132014

Nuala O’Connor, President of CDT, calls out the White House for not responding to public petitions to reform ECPA:  One year after the White House petition to reform ECPA received support from over 112,500 concerned Americans, well above the 100,000 signature threshold required for a response, the White House has yet to issue a reply. […]

Dec 132014

The other day, when I posted this news item, I was a bit nervous as it seemed incredible that it might be true. But true it was, and now Mike Masnick of TechDirt has also picked up on this very disturbing and nefarious Congressional action: We recently noted that, despite it passing overwhelmingly, Congress quietly deleted a key […]

Dec 122014

Jennifer Baker reports: Europe’s top court ruled Thursday that data protection rules apply to private surveillance cameras if they record people on the public footpath. The regulations in question – the Data Protection Directive – insists personal information can’t be held for longer than necessary, and that consent must be given, and so on, although […]