Jul 202016

Eva Galperin and Danny O’Brien write: It’s been a rough month for Internet freedom in Russia. After it breezed through the Duma, President Putin signed the “Yarovaya package” into law—a set of radical “anti-terrorism” provisions drafted by ultra-conservative United Russia politician Irina Yarovaya, together with a set of instructions on [Read More…]

Jul 182016
 July 18, 2016  Laws, Non-U.S. No Responses »

Scott Thiel writes: Significant developments have been announced by the Chinese Government in recent weeks in relation to cyber security, data handling and online activities. Organisations doing business in the People’s Republic of China are advised to start reviewing their current practices in anticipation of these changes. Draft PRC Cybersecurity [Read More…]

Jul 152016
 July 15, 2016  Breaches, Laws 1 Response »

Hannah Lepow writes: Today, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) introduced legislation that would criminalize the non-consensual distribution of sexually explicit images, commonly referred to as “revenge porn.” The Internet Privacy Protection Act would make it a federal crime for individuals to knowingly distribute sexually explicit images or video of a person without or [Read More…]