Jan 302015

Philip L. Gordon and Kathryn E. Siegel write: llinois’ controversial eavesdropping statute was finally amended, effective December 30, 2014, to replace the version of the statute that the Illinois Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional in March 2014.  The amended statute attempts to remedy the constitutional infirmities identified by the Illinois Supreme Court. Most significantly, the amendments […]

Jan 302015

Paul Farrell reports: Australia’s Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) has called for journalists to be exempt from government access to phone and web data, warning that the government’s data retention proposal risks making it impossible for a free press to function. The plan to retain web and phone data will mean that a range […]

Jan 292015

Benjamin Herold reports: New federal student-data-privacy legislation being crafted by the White House would prohibit education technology vendors from selling student information and directing targeted advertisements at students, but the legislation remains silent on other controversial industry practices, according to documents obtained by Education Week. Since President Barack Obama announced earlier this month that he would seek […]

Jan 282015

I missed this one a few days ago, but Joe Cadillic helpfully pointed me to it. Cory Bennett reported: Lawmakers’ enthusiasm for passing a cybersecurity bill will face a major hurdle this summer — National Security Agency (NSA) reform. By June 1, Congress must reauthorize the sections of the Patriot Act that are the basis for […]

Jan 272015

The FTC’s report (pdf), Internet of Things: Privacy & Security in a Connected World, summarizes the workshop it held on November 19, 2013 and provides staff’s recommendations in this area. Of note, also read the Separate Statement of Commissioner Maureen K. Ohlhausen (pdf) and the Dissenting Statement of Commissioner Joshua D. Wright (pdf). Not for the first time, Commissioner Wright appears to […]

Jan 242015

Wow. The Wyoming Senate has really been busy considering a number of data breach and privacy bills. James Chilton reports: Legislators began discussing Thursday two bills designed to force businesses affected by data breaches to inform consumers and respond in specific ways. Senate Files 35 and 36 aim to create new, 21st century definitions of […]