Aug 252015
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Kevin McCaney reports: In an effort to solve the seemingly paradoxical problem of protecting information while sharing it, military searchers have awarded a contract to SRI International to find a better way to keep proprietary and personal information under wraps. The Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San [Read More…]

Aug 252015
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Dennis Fisher reports: While Congress is enjoying its annual summer recess, privacy advocates are worried that the White House’s recent endorsement of the controversial CISA bill–which has been criticized by DHS officials, among others–will push the information-sharing bill over the goal line. The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act is the latest [Read More…]

Aug 252015
 August 25, 2015  Govt, Non-U.S. No Responses »

Justin Lee reports: An independent report has found that Australia’s federal government has failed to perform adequate privacy impact assessments on nearly 90 percent of the national security measures it has passed over the past 14 years, according to independent research, according to a report by Australian television program Lateline. Read [Read More…]

Aug 182015

Mark Rumold writes: A federal judge in Los Angeles has given our clients, Human Rights Watch, the go-ahead to take discovery from the government in our ongoing lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the DEA’s bulk surveillance program. Friday’s decision is rare, and it’s a decisive victory—both for HRW and for the general public. [Read More…]