May 222015
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Mario Trujillo reports: The Justice Department on Friday released guidelines that would explicitly bar the agency from using drones solely to monitor activity protected by the First Amendment, like peaceful protests. The department issued five pages of policy guidelines dealing with privacy and civil liberties protections when conducting drone flights. [Read More…]

May 202015
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Mario Trujillo and David McCabe report: The Federal Communications Commission is preparing Internet service providers for new privacy rules included in the net neutrality order slated to take effect next month. In a memo Wednesday, the commission said it would initially judge providers — like AT&T or Comcast — on [Read More…]

May 182015
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From the FTC: In a letter to the court-appointed consumer privacy ombudsman in the bankruptcy case of the electronics retailer RadioShack, Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection Director Jessica Rich recommended conditions the court could place on the sale of consumers’ personal information to protect their privacy. According to the letter, [Read More…]