Aug 222014

From their press release: As schools increasingly rely on data to improve education, and as teachers increasingly rely on technology in the classroom to improve the learning experience, privacy concerns are being raised about the collection and use of student data. With ‘back to school’ now in full-swing, and to address both the promise and [...]

Aug 212014

Rochelle Olson reports: In two unanimous rulings, the Minnesota Supreme Court on Wednesday curbed law enforcers’ ability to search and seize personal possessions. The more significant ruling, written by Justice Christopher Dietzen, extended U.S. constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure to Minnesota civil, not just criminal, matters. Read more on Star Tribune.

Aug 192014

Yes, it’s as bad as I’ve been saying for years. Now if they will just audit the NYC Department of Education, too. Employees in six upstate New York school districts had inappropriate computer access to sensitive student data and were able to change student grades and attendance records without proper authorization, according to an audit released today [...]

Aug 162014

Idaho Statesman staff report: The Idaho State Board of Education has approved a policy aimed at protecting public school students’ personal information and data. The policy, which covers public and charter schools, governs collecting, using and sharing student information. Read more on Idaho Statesman. For purposes of the policy, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) includes: a [...]

Aug 162014

From EFF: With major protests in the news again, we decided it’s time to update our cell phone guide for protestors. A lot has changed since we last published this report in 2011, for better and for worse. On the one hand, we’ve learned more about the massive volume of law enforcement requests for cell phone—ranging from location [...]