Aug 302014

From Public Intelligence: The following report on the FBI’s use of national security letters (NSL) from 2007-2009 was released in August by the Department of Justice. A Review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Use of National Security Letters: Assessment of Progress in Implementing Recommendations and Examination of Use in 2007 through 2009 232 pages August [...]

Aug 292014

Jennifer Granick writes: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court declassified an opinion today which, although highly redacted, illuminates the way at least one Judge is interpreting his mandate to protect the First Amendment activities of Americans who the FBI seeks to investigate under USA PATRIOT Act Section 215, codified at 50 USC 1861. Essentially, the question the judge, John D. [...]

Aug 282014

Christopher Simmons reports that Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s bill, AB 1442, passed its final legislative hurdle yesterday, clearing the Assembly floor by a vote of 76-0. AB 1442 would create reasonable standards of privacy when school districts collect and analyze (or contract with a third-party entity to collect and analyze) data that students post to social-media websites. [...]

Aug 272014

From EPIC: EPIC, joined by leading consumer protection organizations, has asked a federal judge to reject a proposed class action settlement in In re Google Referrer Header Litigation. The settlement requires no substantial change in Google’s business practices and provides no benefit to class members. EPIC wrote to the same judge last year when the settlement was first proposed, urging [...]

Aug 272014

Learn how police and intelligence agencies can access your data, and how the law (might) protect you! Hackers, attorneys, and concerned citizens are all welcome. Jonathan Mayer of Stanford will be offering a free online course on surveillance law. Here’s the Syllabus: I. Introduction We will begin with a brief overview of how surveillance fits [...]