Jan 292015

John Wesley Hall points us to an appellate decision in the Seventh Circuit: This minor’s § 1983 suit alleges a Fourth Amendment violation when she was taken to a hospital and subjected to a mental health examination based a report from a school friend that she had attempted to kill herself. The police officer who went […]

Jan 282015

Miles Klee reports a less-than-impressive sentence in a privacy breach case involving a police officer: Weeks after the state secured its first conviction under a new revenge porn law, a California Highway Patrol officer pled no contest to felony charges over duplicating and sharing intimate photos found on the phones of women in his custody—and got three years’ probation. Sean Harrington, who resigned […]

Jan 272015

AP reports: A federal judge has permanently shut down a cellphone spyware app called “StealthGenie” that exposed targets to having their calls and emails monitored without their knowledge. Judge Leonie (LAY-uh-nee) Brinkema in Alexandria issued a permanent injunction shutting down StealthGenie on Tuesday. That follows a temporary injunction issued last year. Read more on WTOP.

Jan 272015

AFP reports: An Austrian court on Monday agreed to consider a class action lawsuit by 25,000 people against Facebook for alleged violations of their privacy. “The hearing on April 9 will consider the admissibility of the lawsuit,” Beatrix Engelmann, a spokeswoman for the Vienna regional court for civil matters, told AFP. The lawsuit was first filed […]

Jan 272015

William Dotinga reports the latest development in the lawsuit against Carrier IQ, HTC, Huawei, LG and Samsung: A federal judge has dumped the bulk of a sprawling class action accusing smartphone makers of installing software that spies on customers, logs keystrokes and other data, sends information to telecom providers and drains batteries – in violation of […]

Jan 262015

Linsey Bald reports: Dish Network violated the federal “Do Not Call” registry with an overwhelming mass of telemarketing outcalls – the satellite TV provider was found guilty of making over 57 million unsolicited calls to phone numbers that were registered with the Federal Trade Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rule, known as the Do Not Call list. The […]

Jan 252015

Michaela Whitboum reports: A West Australian woman has won almost $50,000 in compensation from an ex-boyfriend who posted sexually explicit videos and photos of her on Facebook, in a significant ruling on personal privacy law. Caroline Wilson, a fly-in, fly-out worker at Fortescue Metals Group’s Cloudbreak mine in the Pilbara, took her ex-boyfriend and former […]