Nov 222014

Cory Bennett reports: A judge Friday unsealed a trove of court documents that could shed light on a secret cellphone tracking program used by police nationwide. The judge in Charlotte, N.C., acted after a petition from the Charlotte Observer to make the documents public. Included are 529 requests from local Charlotte-Mecklenburg police asking judges to approve the use of […]

Nov 212014

Ross Todd reports:  A federal judge in San Jose just delivered Apple Inc. a double whammy in proposed class actions over a glitch that prevented the delivery of text messages to users who switched to non-Apple devices. […] On Wednesday she declined to dismiss claims in a separate lawsuit alleging privacy intrusions under the Wiretap […]

Nov 202014

Dominic Ponsford reports: Six journalists are suing the Met Police after finding that surveillance information about them is being held on a “National Domestic Extremism” database. The Times reported earlier this month that the Met Police National Domestic Extremism and Disorder Intelligence Unit holds 2,000 records which relate to photographers and journalists. Now the National Union […]

Nov 202014

Press Gazette reports: The outgoing editor of the Journal in Newcastle has been fined £1,600 after his newspaper breached an anonymity order. Brian Aitken, who it was this week announced will be leaving the Journal, pleaded guilty to a charge of having breached the order in a report which appeared in the newspaper in May […]

Nov 192014

Justin Fenton reports: Baltimore prosecutors withdrew key evidence in a robbery case Monday rather than reveal details of the cellphone tracking technology police used to gather it. The surprise turn in Baltimore Circuit Court came after a defense attorney pressed a city police detective to reveal how officers had tracked his client. City police Det. […]

Nov 182014

Matt Reynolds reports:  Attorneys for the hunting group Safari Club International faced an uphill battle Monday in persuading the 9th Circuit to suppress a video that its former president used to support defamation claims against the group. Read more on Courthouse News.