Sep 222014

Alexis Stevens reports: A registered sex offender will return to prison for secretly videotaping women in the restrooms at two Cobb County salons, the District Attorney said Monday. Mark Allan Storch, 56, of Atlanta, must spend five years of his 20-year sentence in prison, Superior Court Judge Gregory Poole ruled Monday morning. When Storch is released from prison, [...]

Sep 212014

Rose Troup Buchanan reports: A Texas court has thrown out a law prohibiting ‘up the skirt’ photography, on the grounds the previous ruling violated Texas’ citizens’ constitutional right to freedom of expression. The Texas Court of Appeals ruled 8-1 to strike down part of a law which bans taking images of another person in public [...]

Sep 192014

AP reports: A California judge’s ruling against a tech entrepreneur seeking access to records kept secret in government databases detailing the comings and goings of millions of cars in the San Diego area via license plate scans was the second legal setback within a month for privacy advocates. An initial ruling issued Thursday upheld the [...]

Sep 182014

John Hult reports: A former Sioux Falls Fire Rescue division chief is facing felony computer hacking charges for accessing internal fire department documents, including emails involving the president of the local firefighters union. Patrick Eugene Warren, 47, is charged with 10 felony and five misdemeanor counts of unlawful use of a computer for offenses between [...]

Sep 182014

Loek Essers reports: Storing someone’s private information in a crime database for 20 years when charges against that person have been dropped violates privacy rights, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled Thursday. The court ruled in a case brought by a French citizen, Francois Xavier Brunet, against the French government. Read more on [...]

Sep 182014

Elizabeth Warmerdam has an update on one of the yuckiest workplace privacy cases I’ve ever covered on this blog. Accused of checking the underwear of female employees for period blood, a cosmetics company cannot demand coverage from its insurer, a California Court of Appeals ruled. [...] Jon Davler tendered the action to its insurer, but [...]

Sep 172014

TJ McIntyre writes: The appointment of Helen Dixon as the new Data Protection Commissioner has attracted worldwide attention, due to the number of US multi-nationals which have set up headquarters in Ireland. It was one of two recent developments which have major significance for privacy in Ireland and elsewhere in the years ahead. Ms Dixon’s [...]