May 282016
 May 28, 2016  Court No Responses »

Adam Klasfeld reports: In a setback of data-privacy advocates, the Second Circuit agreed en banc today that authorities did not commit an unreasonable seizure by sitting on computer data for 2 ½ years before an investigation. Judge Denny Chin penned a furious dissent likening the case to the digital-age equivalent [Read More…]

May 262016
 May 26, 2016  Court, Govt, Surveillance 1 Response »

Alex Abdo writes: A few weeks ago, Microsoft filed a landmark lawsuit challenging the excessive secrecy surrounding the government’s demands for the emails and other electronic communications of the company’s customers. Today, the ACLU has moved to intervene in Microsoft’s lawsuit—as one of Microsoft’s customers—to stand alongside the company in its fight. [Read More…]