Oct 222014

April Glaser and Alison Macrina report: Adobe has made it extremely easy for unwanted eyes to read over the shoulders of library patrons. Earlier this month reports surfaced about how Adobe’s Digital Editions e-book software collects and transmits information about readers in plain text.* That insecure transmission allows the government, corporations, or potential hackers to intercept information [...]

Oct 212014

Penny Crosman reports: … A company that combines information gleaned from various sources about customers’ location, preferences and purchases may know more about them than they realize, violating implicit assumptions of transparency and consent. Sometimes what’s considered a privacy violation changes with time, as people adapt to new technology and get comfortable with it and [...]

Oct 212014

Russell Brandom reports: This morning, The Washington Post called out an unexpected privacy concern in Apple’s new Yosemite operating system. Apple’s Spotlight application, previously used to index material on a user’s hard drive, has added a new Suggestions feature that points to external sites relevant to a given search term. As the Post article points out, that means search [...]

Oct 202014

Rick Forno of InfoWarrior noted this concerning entry on github: This repository provides a corpus of network communications automatically sent to Apple by OS X Yosemite; we’re using this dataset to explore how Yosemite shares user data with Apple. The provided data was collected using our Net Monitor toolkit; more information regarding usage and methodology is provided below. [...]