Nov 272014

Tom Fairless reports: The European Parliament overwhelmingly approved a resolution that calls for a possible breakup of Google Inc., brushing aside last-minute objections from the U.S. Congress that the move risked politicizing an antitrust investigation. While the initiative has no binding power on the European Commission, the bloc’s top antitrust regulator, it highlights the growing political resistance in Europe […]

Nov 252014

Daniel Solove and  Paul M. Schwartz write: We spend a lot of time staying up to date so we can update our casebooks and reference books, so we thought we would share with you some of the interesting news and resources we’re finding. We plan to post a series of posts like this one throughout the year. What […]

Nov 242014

Yet another reminder that privacy breaches can endanger people’s safety or lives. reports: A County Wicklow mother who claimed a pharmacy allowed her husband to watch CCTV footage of herself buying a self pregnancy test kit has settled a €38,000 damages claim for an undisclosed amount. The woman, who cannot be named, said her […]

Nov 222014

Michael Geist writes: … Canadian Uber users can be forgiven for wondering whether the company takes their privacy rights seriously since it does not even have a Canada-specific privacy policy. The Uber website features three privacy policies: one for the United States, one for South Korea, and a global catch-all for users in 48 other countries. […]

Nov 222014

A press release from Privacy International, sent on to us by Joe Cadillic: Governments across Central Asia have deployed advanced surveillance systems, including monitoring centres capable of spying on an entire country’s communications, according to a new investigative report published today by Privacy International. The comprehensive report, “Private Interests: Monitoring Central Asia”, contains personal accounts […]

Nov 212014

Ross Todd reports:  A federal judge in San Jose just delivered Apple Inc. a double whammy in proposed class actions over a glitch that prevented the delivery of text messages to users who switched to non-Apple devices. […] On Wednesday she declined to dismiss claims in a separate lawsuit alleging privacy intrusions under the Wiretap […]