Nov 202014

Darren Pauli reports: Google’s “encryption everywhere” claim has been undermined by Mountain View stripping secure search functions for BT WiFi subscribers piggy-backing off wireless connections, sysadmin Alex Forbes has found. The move described as ‘privacy seppuku’ by Forbes (@al4) meant that BT customer searches were broadcast in clear text and possibly open to interception. Read […]

Nov 192014

Patrick Fowler and Andrew Hardenbrook of Snell & Wilmer write: Companies that are looking to sell, transfer or buy personally identifiable information (“PII”) via bankruptcy asset sales would be wise to confirm that such a transfer is consistent with the debtor’s privacy policy. If it is not, the Federal Trade Commission may seek to block […]

Nov 192014

Craig Timberg, Nancy Scola and Andrea Peterson report: An Uber executive’s suggestion that the company should investigate the private lives of journalists has sparked a backlash against the popular car service, offering a potent reminder that tech companies are amassing detailed — and potentially embarrassing — records of users’ communications, Internet traffic and even physical movements. […]

Nov 182014

See what shining the light on a problem can do? Natasha Singer reports: The maker of ClassDojo, a popular behavioral tracking app used in schools across the United States, announced revisions on Tuesday in the way it retains student information. Starting in January, the company intends to keep students’ behavioral records for only one school […]