Dec 202014

Posted by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada yesterday, this October outcome: Complaint The complainant alleged that an upgrade to Apple’s operating system(OS) for desktops forced the use of “cloud” servers to be able to synchronize contacts, calendars, email account settings and Safari bookmarks between Apple mobile devices and computers. She claimed that […]

Dec 182014

From Senator Franken has received a response from Uber about the the ride-sharing company’s privacy practices. Last month, Franken asked Uber to answer ten questions about the company treats use of passenger data. Specifically, Franken questioned Uber’s use of the “God view” tool, which allows the company to track individual customers in real time. Uber failed to answer […]

Dec 162014 reports: Dutch privacy watchdog CBP is launching an investigation into Facebook and is asking the company to postpone its new privacy policy, the NRC reports. The social media giant said recently that from January 1 2015 it will use data and photos from Facebook profiles to send advertisments to allied services such as WhatsApp […]

Dec 162014

Kim Yoo-Chul reports: Apple joined with a host of leading companies and trade associations Tuesday to support a decision by Microsoft (MS) not to comply with the U.S. government’s request to turn over emails of a customer that are stored in Ireland. “Ten groups filed friend of the court briefs in New York. These briefs […]

Dec 152014 reports: Dutch privacy watchdog CBP is threatening internet giant Google with a fine of up to €15m for contravening Dutch privacy legislation. Since 2012, Google has been combining information about users from Gmail, Google maps, YouTube and search results into a single profile. This, broadcaster Nos points out, allows the company to offer more […]