Nov 222014

CTV Saskatoon reports that Ward 2 city councillor Pat Lorje is facing sanctions after an investigation into a privacy breach that followed a closed executive committee meeting. An investigation reportedly concluded that Lorje was responsible for releasing details of a confidential report that was tabled at an in camera  meeting. Lorje reportedly apologized for the breach, but is still facing […]

Nov 222014

Alex Hern reports: E-cigarettes may be better for your health than normal ones, but spare a thought for your poor computer – electronic cigarettes have become the latest vector for malicious software, according to online reports. Many e-cigarettes can be charged over USB, either with a special cable, or by plugging the cigarette itself directly […]

Nov 202014

Press Gazette reports: The outgoing editor of the Journal in Newcastle has been fined £1,600 after his newspaper breached an anonymity order. Brian Aitken, who it was this week announced will be leaving the Journal, pleaded guilty to a charge of having breached the order in a report which appeared in the newspaper in May […]

Nov 182014

Syma Chowdhry reports: Three school board members have been asked to resign after a school employee was charged with spying. At a press conference held Monday night, school board members said they will not resign. “Disconnect, lack of trust, paranoia.” That’s how the Northampton County DA describes the relationship between the Easton Area School District […]