Apr 152014

Howard Altman reports: Jill Kelley, whose complaint about cyberstalking led to the discovery of a CIA sex scandal, said she is grateful for support being shown by two Republican congressmen upset that the Justice Department won’t investigate who leaked her name to the media. “I am honored that Congress is demanding accountability so that my [...]

Apr 082014

Candice So reports: Businesses and organizations will be formally required to tell individual customers and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada if they’ve suffered a data breach – or pay up to $100,000 in fines for every individual not told, according to the new Digital Privacy Act, or Bill S-4, tabled in the Senate today. Read more on [...]

Mar 312014

Dave Pierre reports: While young and aspiring fashion models are rarely known to shy away from publicity and recognition, last night’s episode of ABC’s new Nightline Prime (Sat., 3/29/14) may have revealed personal information that most young girls do not want to divulge to the entire world – information that could theoretically jeopardize their safety. [...]

Mar 292014

Graham Cluley writes: A researcher has discovered that so-called Smart TVs from Philips suffer from a number of serious security flaws that could allow hackers to not only steal information from attached USB sticks, and play pornographic movies as a prank, but also pilfer authentication cookies which could give them access to viewers’ online accounts. [...]

Mar 282014

Janice Kephart, founder and CEO of the Secure Identity and Biometrics Association (SIBA) has issued a press release stating in no uncertain terms that the Florida Senate’s near unanimous vote of March 27 to ban biometrics in all schools lacks common sense and denies schools the opportunity to improve safety, standards, and fiscal accountability. “The Senate vote [...]

Mar 282014

Press Gazette reports: A French court has ordered a gossip magazine to pay €15,000 for publishing photos of what it said was President Francois Hollande visiting an actress for a secret tryst. Hollande broke up with his partner Valerie Trierweiler within days of the publication in Closer magazine in January. He has never denied an [...]