Oct 312014

Hamish McNeilly provides yet another example of how “small” breaches can cause great harm or distress for individuals: A Dunedin man says he is living in fear after a Family Court privacy breach resulted in his address being sent to his brother, who had allegedly threatened to kill him. The Family Court has apologised for [...]

Oct 312014

Jon Sharman reports: A Chessington family’s house move was scuppered when a housing company breached data protection laws by sharing information about the family with a third party. Paragon Community Housing was judged by a government watchdog to have breached the Data Protection Act by telling a prospective house swapper of anti-social noise complaints against Edd Denim’s [...]

Oct 292014

Antoinette Konz reports: Some Jefferson County teachers are upset after their names were included without their knowledge in a political advertisement sent to approximately 50,000 voters by the Jefferson County Teachers Association. The advertisement – mailed by Better Schools Kentucky, the union’s political action committee – uses the name of 14 award winning teachers in Jefferson [...]

Oct 282014

Anne Leclair reports: The English Montreal School Board is denying that it provided a confidential list of phone numbers to one of Angela Mancini‘s candidates. The school board elections at the EMSB have been particularly hard fought this year. Our own Global reporter, Domenic Fazioli says he got a call from a candidate on his private cell number. If it [...]

Oct 272014

Jonathan Holmes comments: It was quite a scoop for the left-leaning news website New Matilda last week: ‘Curriculum Reviewer Barry Spurr Mocks “Abos, Mussies, Women, Chinky-Poos”. ‘ But, like so much else these days, whether you think New Matilda was right or wrong to publish the emails written by Sydney University’s professor of poetics will be determined by your politics. [...] [...]

Oct 252014

Cristina Rendon reports: A Dublin-area California Highway Patrol officer is under investigation for allegedly sending nude photos of a DUI suspect from her cellphone to his own phone while the young woman was in custody, court records show. An investigator from the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office is recommending that 35-year-old CHP Officer Sean [...]

Oct 242014

Mike Masnick writes: … A few weeks ago, Nate Hoffelder discovered that Adobe’s ebook reader, Digital Editions 4, was spying on your ebooks, collecting a ton of information about them, and then uploading it all to Adobe’s servers in an unencrypted format, potentially revealing a lot of information about users of the product. Adobe came out with a ridiculously [...]